2015 Taiwan Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting Highlights


The 2015 Taiwan Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, February 7 at National Taiwan University’s Institute of Food Science and Technology Lecture Hall. TAFP was honored to host Director Jiang Yu Mei of the Food and Drug Administration in the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Director Jiang Yu Mei addressed the group in an energizing speech.

The meeting was dynamic and involved a constructive discussion of food safety issues facing Taiwan. The Taiwan Association for Food Protection believes that Taiwan should fundamentally improve the food safety environment and enhance food safety education, and that higher education plays an important role in ensuring future food safety and security. At this year’s meeting, plans were discussed for the Ministry of Higher Education to place an increased focus of higher education on food safety issues. Participants also raised many issues, including that university education meet the needs of the changing food industry, and that vocational training provide preparation for future changes in the industry.

In the second forum, the group discussed food safety and health management through three major amendments to food safety laws and their impact on the industry. The government has issued several drastic reforms to food safety laws in response to food safety challenges in recent years. The group discussed these reforms, including the revisions to the food safety and health management laws, and how to ensure monitoring of food safety through the implementation of the food traceability and tracking system.

Presentations can be downloaded here (Chinese language).