Download E-books Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide PDF

By James Jacobs

  • Ever puzzled how a laser gun may functionality in an international packed with magic and conventional myth weaponry? glance no extra than the Pathfinder crusade surroundings: know-how Guide! jam-packed with 64-pages of latest know-how principles for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this quintessential source for video game Masters operating adventures within the land of Numeria, the atmosphere of the Iron Gods experience Path, will supercharge any delusion video game trying to comprise futuristic and alien know-how, together with rankings of technological guns and armor, new archetypes, and ideas for cybernetic implants, energy turbines, synthetic intelligences, and more.

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Download E-books Nyambe: African Adventures (D20 System) PDF

By Christopher W. Dolunt

Within the land of the Overpower, the jaws of the crocodile are the one present for the unwary.

Nyambe™ is an enormous land of unique creatures and large expanses, the place ancestral orishas cry for courageous tribal warriors to carve out the hearts of foul mchawi wizards, and the place dragon-blooded sorcerers as soon as joined the fierce Amazons of Nibomay within the bloody Rebelling Time to win their freedom. This eagerly expected crusade environment for the D20 procedure™ brings jointly excessive fable and African fable, legend, and background in a hardcover sourcebook of epic proportions for either gamers and GMs.

Nyambe: African Adventures includes:
* Twelve new human tribal cultures and 6 variation non-human races, just like the Wakyambi elves who meddle within the affairs of guys from the depths of the bIda rainforest.
* New middle classification variations and status periods swap druids into shamen who worship the common orisha spirits and are as cozy within the pores and skin of a panther as in humanoid form.
* New talents and feats like Ancestral Blessing, Drum Dancer, Elephant Warrior, and fireplace Blood are the historical past of each Nyamban, in addition to new guns, armor, and gear designed for a tropical weather the place the warmth of the monstrous savannah is extra harmful than an enemy's spear.
* The spirit-worship of the mortals has referred to as upon the orisha for brand spanking new spells and domain names comparable to Darkness, Exile, Fertility, Lightning, and Plague ever because the darkish Time while the Overpower ascended into the sky on the net of a large spider.
* Mad omurogo wizards reflect on the contents of mojuba baggage to arrange their divination spells, and new magic goods like zombi powder flip fallen warriors into precise zombis that maintain a hideous reminiscence in their former lives. Ritual mask permit the wearer turn into an orisha, and vodou nkisi statues hurl strong curses at those that dare to take advantage of them.
* And in the dead of night inside of the continent lurk creatures by no means ahead of visible via the lads of the tamed north lands ... starving beasts of the jungle and barren region are just the start of the risk that awaits those that stroll the lands of Nyambe!

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Download E-books Ghouls (Vampire The Requiem - World Of Darkness - WOD) PDF

By Chuck Wendig

Thralls of the Damned

Slaves to the addictive style of vampiric Vitae, ghouls exchange servitude for that heady substance. Servitude, despite the fact that, damns them excess of they be aware of, as their unnatural yearning drives them to ever higher desperation and depravity. between these referred to as blood slaves, there isn't any such factor as "just one fix."

guaranteed to the evening

Ghouls examines the existence and lot of these who serve vampiric masters. From in-depth ideas on being a ghoul, to ghoul households and platforms for developing them, to Vitae-fed vegetation often called mandragora, this publication totally explores the results of the Blood on mortal lives. Hardcover.

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Download E-books Hellfrost Gazetteer (Savage Worlds, TAG30003) PDF

By Paul Wade-Williams

Trip THE LANDS OF SNOW AND ICE an international of event at your fingertips! This complement for the Hellfrost environment information the complete continent of Rassilon. From the snow-shrouded wastes of the excessive Winterlands to the quite hot hills of the southern Hearthlands, this publication covers each realm and significant cost, plus a variety of websites of event. A convenient reference part offers the GM with info of the way to build his personal steads, villages, and cities. prepared with the GM's wishes in brain, every one realm covers simple socio-political details, very important historical past, the nation's executive and army, event hooks, in addition to notes at the geography and significant locales. additionally lined during this quantity are very important agencies of below savory popularity. Now your heroes can struggle the cultists of the Ashen veil, who crave immortality via necromancy, safeguard distant settlements from the cannibalistic Cult of the undergo God, and confront the Seekers of the Black Key, who wish not anything under to unlock the forces of the Abyss. The Hellfrost Gazetteer comprises no ideas details, making it a worthy source despite your favoured roleplaying approach. Hellfrost: Gazetteer is a middle publication within the epic Hellfrost atmosphere for the award-winning Savage Worlds RPG.

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Download E-books Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide: Roleplaying Game Core Rules, 4th Edition PDF

The 3rd of 3 center rulebooks for the 4th version Dungeons & Dragons® Roleplaying Game.

The Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game has outlined the medieval fable style and the tabletop RPG for greater than 30 years. within the D&D online game, avid gamers create characters that band jointly to discover dungeons, slay monsters, and locate treasure. The 4th version D&D principles supply the absolute best play adventure through providing intriguing personality thoughts, a chic and powerful principles approach, and convenient storytelling instruments for the Dungeon Master.

The Dungeon Master's Guide provides the Dungeon grasp necessary instruments to construct interesting encounters, adventures, and campaigns for the 4th version Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game, in addition to suggestion for working nice online game periods, ready-to-use traps and non-player characters, and extra. moreover, it offers an absolutely particular city that may function a place to begin for any D&D video game.

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Download E-books The Root of All Evil (Dungeons & Dragons: Kingdoms of Kalamar Adventure) PDF

This fascinating e-book is the 1st role-playing experience module set within the most modern third variation Dungeons and Dragons crusade environment, the Kingdoms of Kalamar 3rd version. The epic tale starts off within the northern nation of Shynabyth the place the avid gamers are assembled to discover the remnants of a meteor acknowledged to be made up of the infrequent substance mithril. besides the fact that, what they discover is a plot to build a strong magic relic. regrettably the artifact is a device for wickedness and the avid gamers quickly locate themselves on a quest to Reanaaria Bay to discover the skill to ruin the evil merchandise and its insidious grasp, ahead of she destroys them. the basis of All Evil is an reputable third version Dungeons and Dragons event for first point characters.

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