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Now we have Been Slaves too lengthy

Proud and skillful warriors, descended from a war-god via blood and marriage, the population of Harborhead have by no means been effortless for the world to manipulate. those unExalted persist in slaveholding, and the Cult of Ahlat has prospered for hundreds of years regardless of the strict caution of the Immaculates. Now, with the disappearance of the Empress, the folks of Harborhead flip to conquest.
We Serve the area not
homes of the Bull God information Harborhead, a country already straining opposed to the Imperial tether whilst the Empress vanished. Now on the top of the Time of Tumult, the folks of Ahlat aren't denied. homes of the Bull God info the rustic, the Imperial Concession in Yane, the gods of the world, Ahlat and his Celestial retinue and the proscribed courtroom of the Orderly Flame.

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