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"You have lain within the earth.
you might have walked within the Shadow.
you may have ascended your personal funeral pyre.
you could have appeared upon the face of the dying that awaits you,
and you have got lower back to lifestyles sporting that wisdom with you.
Come and take your rightful position between us,
and comprehend worry no longer."
- from the rites of initiation of the inn of demise

Brotherhood of Wolves

Channel the primal anger of the inn of Wrath. Delve into the forbidden lore held by way of the resort of loss of life. Howl down the thunder with the hotel of Lightning. naked your fangs opposed to the twisted scions of the inn of Worms. strength and knowledge are there for the taking, for these prepared to adopt the ceremony of passage - and pay the fee.

a personality booklet for Werewolf: The Forsaken

* the better initiations of werewolf tradition; the specific brotherhoods that supply further energy in trade for oaths of loyalty.

* New lodge-specific presents, rites and different benefits.

* Variable energy degrees between motels and design-your-own principles for max flexibility.

* environment details on each one resort makes it effortless to incorporate those you will have on your chronicle.

hotels: The devoted is a one hundred forty four web page hardcover complement for Werewolf: The Forsaken.

This publication contains:
34 inns for gamers to aspire to, subscribe to or oppose
New presents, rites, fetishes and benefits for the initiated elite, and pattern characters to behave as mentors, allies or enemies
instructions for developing new motels, from the Storyteller's viewpoint and as an in-game personality aim

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