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By Christopher W. Dolunt

Within the land of the Overpower, the jaws of the crocodile are the one present for the unwary.

Nyambe™ is an enormous land of unique creatures and large expanses, the place ancestral orishas cry for courageous tribal warriors to carve out the hearts of foul mchawi wizards, and the place dragon-blooded sorcerers as soon as joined the fierce Amazons of Nibomay within the bloody Rebelling Time to win their freedom. This eagerly expected crusade environment for the D20 procedure™ brings jointly excessive fable and African fable, legend, and background in a hardcover sourcebook of epic proportions for either gamers and GMs.

Nyambe: African Adventures includes:
* Twelve new human tribal cultures and 6 variation non-human races, just like the Wakyambi elves who meddle within the affairs of guys from the depths of the bIda rainforest.
* New middle classification variations and status periods swap druids into shamen who worship the common orisha spirits and are as cozy within the pores and skin of a panther as in humanoid form.
* New talents and feats like Ancestral Blessing, Drum Dancer, Elephant Warrior, and fireplace Blood are the historical past of each Nyamban, in addition to new guns, armor, and gear designed for a tropical weather the place the warmth of the monstrous savannah is extra harmful than an enemy's spear.
* The spirit-worship of the mortals has referred to as upon the orisha for brand spanking new spells and domain names comparable to Darkness, Exile, Fertility, Lightning, and Plague ever because the darkish Time while the Overpower ascended into the sky on the net of a large spider.
* Mad omurogo wizards reflect on the contents of mojuba baggage to arrange their divination spells, and new magic goods like zombi powder flip fallen warriors into precise zombis that maintain a hideous reminiscence in their former lives. Ritual mask permit the wearer turn into an orisha, and vodou nkisi statues hurl strong curses at those that dare to take advantage of them.
* And in the dead of night inside of the continent lurk creatures by no means ahead of visible via the lads of the tamed north lands ... starving beasts of the jungle and barren region are just the start of the risk that awaits those that stroll the lands of Nyambe!

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