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By Mike Shel

  • Winter has eventually come! observe the frozen mysteries and chilling hazards of the kingdom of Irrisen, the Pathfinder campaign setting’s realm of hearty heroes, cruel magic, and icy evil. Confront the freezing targets of the land’s proud rulers, the wintry weather witches; hunt magical monstrosities born amid unending blizzards; and examine the cycle of the realm’s frigid rulers, the notorious daughters of Baba Yaga. With information at the nation’s significant settlements, sinister event websites, new principles for wintry hazards, hosts of icy monsters and local NPCs, and plots to encourage complete campaigns, this shiver-inducing sourcebook provides GMs every thing they should event throughout this realm of wintry ask yourself. all of the info on Irrisen’s risks and denizens additionally makes this the precise significant other for GMs working the chilling new Reign of iciness event Path. unharness a hurricane of icy evil upon your crusade with Pathfinder crusade environment: Irrisen — Land of everlasting Winter!

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