Taiwan Association for Food Protection


On October 28, 2011, local Taiwanese organizations submitted an application to the Ministry of the Interior for the official establishment of the Taiwan Association for Food Protection (TAFP). Approval was granted on 19 December 2011 vide document No. 1000242821.

TAFP is the 48th international branch of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP), which was founded in 1911. The following are the aims of IAFP:

  1. Provide its global members with the latest information and technologies on food safety;
  2. Improve the systems of food manufacturing and supply;
  3. Raise the global standard for food safety and security; and
  4. Facilitate effective communication among the various international food safety organizations.

Currently, IAFP has members from more than 50 countries and disseminates information on food safety regularly through various means, including the internet, organizing seminars and workshops, and articles that are published in journals and magazines.

The 100th anniversary of the founding of the IAFP was in the year 2011. During its centennial celebrations, IAFP President Dr. Jaykus awarded the TAFP with the official charter, witnessed by more than 2,500 guests from around the world. This was indeed an important achievement for Taiwan, with important contributions made by various local professionals, including Professors Cheng-Chun Chou, Institute of Food Science & Technology, National Taiwan University (NTU); Professors Lee-Yan Sheen, Institute of Food Science & Technology, National Taiwan University (NTU); Professor Chen Jiayang Chen, Public Health Department, NTU; Professor Chorng-Liang Pan, Ocean University; Assistant Professor Tsung-Yu Tsai, Furen University; and Senior Specialist Pizza Huang, Food & Drug Administration.

Credit must also be given to our American affiliates for their support and assistance. With the official charter, TAFP looks forward to playing its role effectively and contributing to Taiwan’s economic development!

Professor Cheng-Chun Chou from NTU has been officially appointed as TAFP’s honorary adviser, while 16 experts and scholars in related fields have been granted honorary memberships. TAFP’s membership is open to the public and presently, comprises 128 specialized members, 17 industry members, 12 student members, and 3 sponsored members.

TAFP’s logo incorporates the shape of Taiwan into IAFP’s logo to signify that it is IAFP’s Taiwanese charter.