The International Conference on Traditional and Complementary Medicine and Health 2015


The Taiwan Association for Traditional and Complementary Medicine is pleased to announce the 2nd International Conference of Traditional and Complementary Medicine on Health (ICTCMH 2015). The Conference will be held during October 24-27, 2015 at the GIS National Taiwan University Convention Center in Taipei, Taiwan.

ICTCMH 2015 will convene international experts in traditional medicine, preventive herbal medicine, and dietary therapy to share the recent scientific evidences and to enhance international collaboration in globalizing traditional medicine. Through academic convergence, communication, exchange, and collaboration, ICTCMH 2015 will promote the globalization of traditional and complementary medicine.

The conference will feature presentations by respected and accomplished expert speakers who will discuss research and work relating to the conference theme of “Traditional and Complementary Approach: Focusing on Preventive Medicine to Elevate the Quality of Life”. We expect the conference to be well-attended by an international group of participants feature presentations from 23 experts from 13 different countries.

For more information, visit the conference website